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It takes 84,480 pennies laid end-to-end to stretch the length of a mile! That’s $844.80!

For many years, churches across Kentucky have been collecting pennies for the abused and neglected kids of Sunrise Children’s Services. The need for those pennies is greater today than ever before. Your church or group can make a big difference in the lives of children and families across Kentucky just by collecting pocket change! It’s easy to do!

What can we do to raise a mile?

  • Have a penny war between two groups. For example – boys vs. girls.

  • Make your goal and progress visible through a chart or a creative tracker.

  • Hand out a jar or container to collect money and place it in high traffic areas.

  • Provide rewards for the most money collected! For example - doughnut or pizza party.

  • Request a speaker from Sunrise to explain how we help children.

  • Have an art contest and each penny counts as a vote.

  • Give each child a dollar and have them attempt to double or triple their money.

  • Have a sports-a-thon and ask for pledges for basketball shots, baseball hits, or goals made.

  • Have a mini-carnival and ask for donations at each game or activity.

Once you have reached your mile, take all of your change to the bank and trade it in for a check or money order written to Sunrise Children’s Services with Mile of Pennies written in the memo. We recommend having a Penny Party celebrating your accomplishment and we want to come celebrate with you!

Please download a copy of the new comic-style book here that explains the hurts of abuse in a kid-friendly way and features Penny Miles. We encourage you to weave the Mile of Pennies program into your Sunday School, Children’s Group, or Vacation Bible School curriculum. We also have speakers available to help explain the program and kick off your mile.

We’re here to help!

To request a speaker or help for your project, please contact Carmen Gibson at 1-800-456-1386 or