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Welcome to SHINE!

It’s a new day at Sunrise, and our partnership with Kentucky Baptists is more important than ever. Celebrate now with us and join in our new day through the SHINE! Campaign.

Sunrise children have endured horrors. Their stories, like those you will see in our new video, are the stories of thousands, not just a few. These children live in a world that tells them they have no hope. YOU can help us shine the light of hope through Jesus Christ, the only true hope and healing in this world.

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  • thumb1 17 years old. Spring Meadows Center

    When I came to Sunrise, physical abuse had made me a rebellious teen who took no advice or criticism. I came to learn that there are others who really care about me as a person and want me to succeed.

  • thumb1 14 years old, Glen Dale Center

    When I came to Sunrise, I thought loving families existed only in fairy tales. Because of my foster family, I know that fairy tales - and happy families - really do come true.

  • thumb1 12 years old. PRTF

    When I came to Sunrise, I was cold, hungry, scared and alone. Today, I know the comfort of a warm bed, the taste of a good meal and the security of being surrounded by people who care.

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Ways You Shine

I See Love

Rise Up

Stand up for the 18,000 children who have been abused and neglected in Kentucky.

I See Kindness

Speak Up

Encourage everyone you know to be an advocate for Kentucky’s abused and neglected kids.

I See Hope

Pray Up

Pray fervently over our children, staff, and leadership!

I See a Future

Give Up

When we give sacrificially to the Lord, we tend to see multiplication.