10 Ways to help our Kids.

Top Ten Ways to Help Kids

SUNRISE CHILDREN’S SERVICES, has been changing the lives of hurting children, with God’s help, since 1869. Formerly known as Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children, Sunrise has become this state’s premier childcare agency, providing a full continuum of services. Sunrise is fully licensed as a Behavioral Health Service Organization. Our nonprofit ministry is many things to many people; and much has changed since our ministry began. Yet Sunrise’s mission remains the same. We care for Kentucky’s neediest children – those without a home, those who are abandoned, abused or victimized – and we do all of this through Christ-centered services. At Sunrise, we don’t just talk about making a difference for a child – WE DO IT!

Your gifts make it possible for hurting children to become champions! They come to us with hopes and dreams shattered because of abuse and neglect. Through highly qualified, trained, professional counselors and therapists, kids learn to dream again and experience hope and healing, in a caring, fun, and structured environment. Your tax-deductible donation can be given on behalf of a friend or loved one, and in turn, will help these kids see their dreams become reality. Please visit us online at sunrise.org to donate and help us provide protection, support, and love to children across this state. Won’t you help us today?

Be the One is one faith community supporting one foster family. A Respite family agrees to care for foster children one weekend a month. A Support person or family is available to tutor, babysit, mentor, or in other ways provide support for the foster family on an ongoing basis. The Blessing person or family prays for the foster family and blesses the family through meals, visits, and God’s Word. The Recruit person looks for others who might be willing to serve children or foster parents. All Sunrise Foster Families are trained as therapeutic foster families to care for children placed in our care. For more information on foster parenting or Be the One, call 855.33.iCARE or go to sunrise.org/becoming-a-foster-parent.

How easy is this? You shop online at Amazon and do your grocery shopping at Kroger, and Sunrise receives a donation! Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Sunrise whenever you shop through this link: smile.amazon.com. The Kroger Rewards Program allows you to donate money to Sunrise just by swiping your Kroger Plus Card each time you shop: sunrise.org/Kroger-rewards.

Fundraising can be fun, and you can be the one to rally a group together for an enjoyable fundraising event! Be as creative as you want. Organize a dance-a-thon, or bowl-a-thon, or go wherever your imagination leads you. Collect funds for a general donation or for specific items. We’ll gladly supply informational materials and promote your event on our social media pages. If you’re interested in learning more, email us at info@sunrise.org or call 800.456.1386.

Your church, organization, or small group can make a big difference in the lives of hurting children by simply collecting pocket change through our Miles of Pennies fundraising program. In the supporting materials that accompany this program, Penny shares the story of her friend’s journey through foster care, the new pup Sunny she is fostering, and how she learned to help others who are less fortunate. Sunrise will provide the materials you’ll need to incorporate this fundraiser into your church programming. Email us at pennymiles@sunrise.org.

  • Donate tickets or provide monetary donations to cover the cost of fun activities such as swimming, theme parks, camping, day trips, summer camp, and Christian concerts.
  • Sign up for Birthday Blessings to send birthday cards to kids in residential care, independent living, and foster care.
  • Sponsor a birthday party for a kid in residential care.
  • Become a mentor or partner with us to provide skills classes or mentors.
  • Pay for therapy hours for clients in Family Services and residential care.

To learn more, email info@sunrise.org or call 800.456.1386.

You can help families in a big way by providing any of the following items: snacks for the kids when they come to the office for therapy/meetings; juice boxes; small toys that Sunrise staff can give to kids as “treats”; ear buds; boxes of breakfast cereal; laundry detergent; diapers and pull-ups; washcloths/ towels; smoke detectors; fire extinguishers; gift cards to fast food restaurants; movie passes; and cleaning supplies. For more information, visit us online at sunrise.org/gifts-in-kind.

Is your small group looking for something “hands-on” to do? You can “adopt” one of our residential programs and work with that program throughout the year. Some facilities may need structural improvements or touch ups. All programs would appreciate a bakery cake (homemade foods are not allowed) or party each month for the kids who are celebrating birthdays. Or you could share pizza and games. Whatever you decide to do, we guarantee a life-changing experience for you and your group. Email info@sunrise.org or call 800.456.1386.

New youth arriving to our residential facilities are always in need of new twin sheet sets, towels, and washcloths. During the school year, school supplies are especially needed. And items like arts and crafts supplies, model kits, bubbles, play dough, and board games are used as therapy items. For more ideas, see the complete list of suggested gifts-in-kind at sunrise.org/gifts-in-kind.

Get ready to don that cape of generosity and slip on that superhero suit of giving! When you become a Sunrise Superhero, your recurring monthly donation helps our kids, youth, and families put their broken lives back together and soar to new heights. Will you prayerfully consider becoming a Sunrise Superhero through a monthly, tax-deductible donation? To get started, visit Sunrise online at sunrise.org/superhero and follow the prompts on the page. You can join hands with Sunrise today and be a superhero to children and families who need our unconditional love and support.

For more information about any of these 10 Ways to Help,
please contact us at 502.538.1000 or email info@sunrise.org.