A History of Hope

Every sunrise brings the promise of a new beginning, new possibilities, and new hope. That’s what Sunrise Children’s Services’ name conveys, and that’s what we’ve shared with children, youth, and families in Kentucky for 150 years.

It all began in 1869 when women of the Ladies Aid Society of Walnut Street Baptist Church founded the Louisville Baptist Orphan’s Home on June 30 to embrace the orphans of the Civil War. In the aftermath and carnage of this war emerged casualties of children without homes to live in, and without parents to love and care for them.

These ladies changed the lives of hurting children forever by demonstrating James 1:27: The purest religion of all is to take care of the orphaned. And what a difference they made.

A second Baptist children’s home was established in 1915 in Glendale. In 1950, the original Louisville Baptist Orphan’s Home moved to the new Spring Meadows Children’s Home campus near Middletown. Eventually, the two ministries would unite under a single board and be called the Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children. Over the decades, this ministry would touch thousands of lives.

Today, now known as Sunrise Children’s Services, our statewide organization cares for “orphans of the living,” those who have become casualties of neglect, abandonment, and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. But through all 150 years, our mission has remained clear: providing care and hope for hurting families and children through Christ-centered ministries.

We have helped our Sunrise kids find healing, purpose, and loving homes. But we have also helped our kids find their eternal homes. During our last fiscal year, our ministry reported 5 rededications, 32 baptisms, and 40 professions of faith! We give God all the glory as we welcome these children into the Kingdom.

I believe this is a new day and a new dawn for children and families in Kentucky and for Sunrise Children’s Services. I know God is leading us. Will you join us on this journey? Will you engage us in your church? Will you consider becoming a foster parent? Will you proudly join us in the fight to help bring life and hope to Kentucky children?

We will not give up on our fight for Kentucky’s kids. Over the years we have developed tremendous partnerships with other agencies, donors, volunteers, and other supporters who share our same passion. With their continued support, I know we will not let drug addiction, poverty, and abuse win this current war on families. We are dedicated to changing the lives of hurting children . . . even if it takes us another 150 years.

Keep Shining,

Dale Suttles

President, Sunrise Children’s Services

Kait Flora