A Tale of Two Families

This is the story of two families. It is a true story. The first family has a mother who loves her four children very much. Her kids range in age from two to seven. The family lives in the eastern mountain region of Kentucky. But although the mother’s love for her children is genuine, she just can’t seem to take care of them.

The drug addiction has taken hold of her, and it is just too powerful for her to overcome. So the children are not taught to listen or behave.  At times, they act like caged animals; and when there is a chance to escape, off they go. They scream and destroy property. One child would be more than a handful to raise. But four seems impossible.

And there is another family. They also live in Kentucky’s eastern mountain region. But they are a new Sunrise foster family that has just been certified to foster a child. They look forward to having cute, adorable children placed in their home. They can’t wait.  Maybe they will even get to adopt a child when the right one comes along.

And in God’s perfect timing, and in His will, the two families are united.  The new foster family accepts placement of these four children into their home.  Life becomes very exciting to say the least!  More often than not, most days are overwhelming.   But the parents labor in love and teach the children appropriate behaviors.

The Sunrise team, who at first couldn’t get any one of the children to sit still in the office, is now able to provide needed therapy and other services.  Because of the dedicated work of the Sunrise team, the unconditional love of the foster parents, and the generous support of people like you, these children and parents are transformed into a beautiful family.

This story indeed has a happy ending.  After two years in foster care, this new foster family and these children finalized their adoption in court last year.

That’s what Sunrise is about – uniting hurting children in need with loving parents who desire to make a difference. And Sunrise does even more than that. We prepare both the children and parents for success. All Sunrise foster families are trained as therapeutic foster families to provide for the needs of children placed in our care. And all children are provided with necessary clinical and therapeutic treatment by dedicated and caring professionals.

Thank you for being a part of our story and our ministry. Thank you for helping us give happy endings to the many stories of families we serve in all regions of Kentucky.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sunrise’s therapeutic foster care program, please contact us at 855.33.iCARE.

Jake Pelfrey