Attorney shares painfully honest view of child sexual abuse after PRTF visit


The suffering of abused and neglected children elicits strong feelings of pity and anger, particularly among those who are unaccustomed to their plight. Louis Hatcher, a civil litigator and former prosecuting attorney, is familiar with the physical and psychological pain caused by child sexual abuse, and how often it goes unnoticed or ignored.

Louis and his wife, Ovaline, have supported Sunrise for years based on the recommendation of their son, Jonathan, who has volunteered at the agency’s Spring Meadows facility and knows Sunrise well. In April, Louis got to see firsthand the work the agency does at its Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) in Danville. Shortly after his visit to PRTF, Louis shared his informed perspective on child sexual victimization in a frank, sympathetic and sensitive account of his visit:

They are children who have been told they are unwanted, a burden their parents neither want nor can afford. They have had their hearts broken as they have wondered why mama would stand by and do nothing while her newest sleepover beat or sexually abused them, or why daddy always seemed to take out his own failures on them in ways that are unthinkable and unspeakable. They are the most abused of the most vulnerable of our society.”

This excerpt is from Louis’ April 11 Facebook post (, in which his impressions reflect this own experience with the dark side of human nature as a prosecutor with the state of Florida. The victimized children Sunrise cares for at PRTF reminded him of his efforts to protect children and families from the violence and degradation of child sexual abuse.

Today, the Hatchers live in Albany, Georgia, where Louis serves on the Lee County (Georgia) Board of Education. He said touring PRTF was an experience that should serve as “a reminder to educators who don’t know what many (abused children) have gone through in the morning before they ever get to school.”


Written by Chris Jones, Sunrise Associate Director of Communications.

Jake Pelfrey