CAP Staffer Helps Client Succeed with Improved Nutrition

Since November 2017, Jason* has lost a total of 21 pounds as a resident at Sunrise’s Cumberland Adventure Program (CAP). Bethany New, Food Service Worker at CAP, has been with him the entire way, encouraging him and monitoring his progress. “The only meal we have truly been cutting back on is his supper meals,” explained Bethany. At the beginning, the staff tried to cut back on his breakfast and lunch meals as well, but unfortunately he was caught trading food.

Since then, Bethany reports that Jason has been exercising a lot more and drinking greater amounts of water. As a reward he has been given his favorite fruit – grapes. He has also been treated with flavor packets for his water.

Often times for supper, Jason will first have what the others are having. For seconds, however, he’ll choose a salad. Some nights, he chooses to have salad only. “We have worked with him on dressings. His favorites are Catalina and Ranch,” stated Bethany. “The Catalina we give him is fat free. When he asks for Ranch, it’s a treat; we give him the real deal.”

So why is Bethany so willing to give her time and attention so that others might succeed? “I am more than happy to help a client that is willing to be helped,” explained Bethany.  “I try to take time and speak to them all as they come through the line at meals. I really enjoy working with the youth.”

Bethany takes Jason to the nurses’ station weekly to weigh in. When weather permits, they walk. Jason and Bethany challenge each other to see who loses the most weight each week. “By leaps and bounds he has showed me up!” exclaims Bethany.

The goal for Jason is to lose another 13 pounds in the time he has left at CAP. The nurses and Bethany talk with him about the importance of getting this weight off and, when he leaves, to continue with the healthy eating and exercising habits.

Jason’s main concern is in getting his wisdom teeth extracted before he goes home. As of now, the oral surgeon will not extract the teeth because of Jason’s weight. Getting the wisdom teeth removed has become motivation for Jason to get the weight off.

“Jason is doing so well,” Bethany shared. “I am so proud of him!” All of us at Sunrise are very proud of both Jason and Bethany. Join us in praying for Jason as he continues down this weight loss journey.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of client.

Written by David Lyninger, Sunrise Associate Director of Communication.

Jake Pelfrey