Crossroads Helps Greg Discover His Real Self

Greg* came to Sunrise’s Crossroads Treatment Center in Elizabethtown when he was 14 years old. This day is memorable to many Sunrise team members because Greg cried throughout the day and night. The next day, Greg began to tell a grandiose fish tale about his life. He told stories of extreme family riches, extreme holidays, and vacations with family. Shortly after, Greg would change his persona and have an alternative background from week to week. At one time, he said he came from a gang; he was rough and tough.

As time went by, Greg began to feel comfortable and started to open up about the real Greg. The real Greg was a gentle child who had been excessively abused by both his mother and then in secret by a stepmother. Greg endured abuse from these important pivotal women for years. The abuse had left him shy and ashamed by his natural tender-hearted personality. During the abuse, Greg learned many maladaptive behaviors including behaviors about sex. Over time, the ideas and behaviors became so normal to him that he acted on these harmful ideas. He was devastated by his own behavior because it was so incongruent with his true self.

Through extensive therapy Greg was able to learn how his trauma echoed into his daily life. He was able to discover a plan to not reoffend and how to learn to forgive himself. He was later transitioned into a loving foster home. He is doing great and is being his authentic self while living a happy, normal teenage life.

*Name changed to protect the identity of the individual.

Jake Pelfrey