Kentucky Foster Care

Sunrise Foster care offers foster care services throughout the state of Kentucky. We are a different kind of foster care agency. We have a commitment to produce and maintain strong, quality therapeutic foster homes. Through the professional training & ongoing support provided by our entire staff, our mission is to help families like yours grow to be confident and competent foster parents for the children and youth that we serve. 

Download our Foster Parent Information Booklet for information to start the process of becoming a foster parent.

To become a foster parent for Sunrise Children’s Services, you and your family must meet the following minimal requirement.
  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Be a Kentucky Resident.
  • Have a valid Commonwealth of Kentucky Driver’s License.
  • Have reliable transportation and automobile insurance.
  • Be mentally and physically able to care for children.
  • Own or rent a home that is safe and free from hazards.
  • Have space for an additional child in your home.
  • Complete criminal background and child abuse checks.
  • Be willing to complete the pre‐service training and participate in a home study.
  • If married, have been continuously married to and living as a family with your current spouse for one year; cohabitating couples are not permitted.
Like some other agencies, we provide ongoing 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week support to our families, free pre-service and on-going training opportunities, and daily care reimbursement based on the child’s age and behavioral needs. However, we also provide a variety of benefits that you may not find with just any foster care agency, including:
  • Transportation assistance and mileage reimbursement to relieve the burden of high gas prices
  • Respite care to ensure you have time for yourself and your own family
  • Liability insurance
  • Recruitment bonuses for referrals of new foster parents
  • Flexible training schedules, including group and in-home sessions, and training in the evenings or on weekends to meet the demands of your busy life
  • A variety of flexible training formats, including web-based training, topic specific on-demand trainings, and training opportunities with other foster parents that serve as a time to network & gain support from others
  • Long-term experienced staff members who are always just a phone call away to provide assistance developing goals, planning for the child’s treatment, and to advocate for the child in the legal and educational systems
  • Placement matching services to ensure the “best fit” for the child and your family and a statewide network of supportive churches and businesses that provide additional support by donating gift cards, free or discounted event tickets, and other in-kind gifts
Call (855) 33-ICARE for information or to start the process of becoming a foster parent.

What Fostering Means

“All the kiddos that have passed through our doors have humbled me. I’ve learned. I’ve lost. I’ll always
love. I’ve listened. But most importantly, I’ve lived. My prayer as a foster parent is always that we make
their time in care a time of healing and filled with good memories.
“Sunrise Children’s Services has been with us every step of the way. Our kiddos haven’t been easy, nor
have we. But, Sunrise has never given up on our kiddos or us. Even post-adoption, they are still actively
involved and invested in our kiddos.
“I encourage you, if you are thinking about fostering, make the call. It was the best decision we ever
~ Denise Henderson, Sunrise foster and adoptive parent