From Disappointment to Fulfillment: Rick and Stephanie’s Story

Rick and Stephanie

Christians believe that marriage is a sacred union, an expression of faith and love hallowed by tradition and sanctified by God. Children are the manifestation of God’s promise of hope for the future. But for some married couples, that promise goes unfulfilled.

Rick and Stephanie had been married for two years when they learned they could not conceive. It was devastating news for a young couple who had dreamed of raising a family. They explored adoption but were dismayed to find that the process can take years and often comes with unforeseen challenges. Nearing their wit’s end, they began to pray fervently for God’s help.

One day, Rick and Stephanie found a Sunrise Children’s Services brochure at church. The words “adoption services” caught their attention. Rick and Stephanie enrolled in a “Be the One” therapeutic foster training class. Upon completion of this training regimen, they were certified as foster parents.

Then the waiting began. This stage of the adoption process can be an agonizing ordeal for prospective foster parents. Some tire of the waiting and disappointment and simply give up on their dream. Sometimes, referral calls would raise their hopes, only to have them dashed later by the words, “The social worker chose another home.” Rick and Stephanie also received words of encouragement from the Sunrise team, but they couldn’t help shedding some tears along the way.

Finally, the long-awaited call came. They had been selected as foster parents of a feisty 3 year old who had endured substantial abuse and neglect. They were asked if they could handle frequent temper tantrums and night terrors. Could they deal with the aggressive behaviors, the biting? Secure in their faith and relieved that their prayers had been answered, they accepted.

Rick and Stephanie have been well-rewarded for their patience and determination. They’ve proven to be exemplary parents. Their child’s behavioral problems have decreased and, today, they have a well-adjusted toddler in their care. Impressed by the couple’s success, Sunrise has placed another child with Rick and Stephanie, one with significant medical issues. They are working toward fully adopting both children.

Just one year ago, Rick and Stephanie had run out of hope. Through the intervention of Sunrise and with God’s help, today they are supportive parents of two children who’ve found safe haven and a loving home.


Written by Chris Jones, Sunrise Associate Director of Communications.

Jake Pelfrey