Glen Dale Residents Take a Trip to the Creation Museum

“I am NOT touching a snake. Nooooo way! I hate snakes!” A few moments later, herpetoculturist Rick Teepen placed a very friendly 5-foot corn snake into Tricia’s* hands. She squealed with terror . . . and delight! Residents and staff from the Glen Dale Center residential treatment facility for girls recently made the two-hour trek to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, which has a host of attractions and exhibits, including the “Snakes Alive!” presentation. Some of the other attractions include a planetarium, botanical gardens, a petting zoo, a café, and dozens of biblically historical exhibits featuring everything from the Garden of Eden to a section on Jesus Christ.

The group spent nearly two hours exploring the botanical gardens and petting zoo. “The gardens were really pretty, and the floating bridge was really fun! The petting zoo was really fun too because we got to pet the goats and feed them!” said 16 year old Jessica* about her experience.

While walking through the Garden of Eden in the biblical historical tour of the museum, Stacey*, (a client who recently graduated the program!) said, “It’s really cool that God made all this stuff. I never knew that.”

“It made me smile non-stop. Honestly, that was the best trip I’ve had in my life,” wrote Samantha*, also released from the program in the weeks since the field trip. “…I’ve never had someone doing something that nice to me. And that [has] made me want to do the same one day to others” she continued.

“It’s amazing what we are able to do with these girls through the thoughtful donations we get. People who don’t even know these kids have shown them the love of Christ so fully that it blows me away! Lives are changing for the better and I’m so happy to be a part of it!” said Veronica, a staff member with the Glen Dale Center. Ashley, another staff member who participated in the field trip said, “I love my job. I get to see these girls learn to make good decisions and feel loved and cared about in a safe environment. It’s amazing!”

*Name changed to protect the identity of a minor.

Adapted from original article submitted by Veronica Reed.

Jake Pelfrey