Macedonia Baptist Church, Kuttawa, Ky Embraces the Call to “Be the One”

Macedonia Baptist Church, Kuttawa, Ky Embraces the Call to “Be the One”

In the fall of 2014, something occurred that would change the lives of over thirty children. Someof those children’s lives would never be the same again! It all began at Macedonia Baptist Church in the quaint community of Kuttawa, Ky. There, nestled along the shores of Lake Barkley in western Kentucky, God began to do something that would transform the lives of children for generations to come.

Rev. Bryan and Lakrista (Krista) Grigg responded to the call to “Be the One,” a call to embrace the challenge to care for children in crisis. The Griggs were fueled with passion as they helped promote the opportunity to become Sunrise foster families. The first “Be the One” faith-based foster care training began with five families: Rev. Bryan and Lakrista Grigg, Joseph and Heather Childress, Nathan and Anna Tobey, Earl and Jessica Wright, and Shannon and Marilyn Porter.

On April 14, 2019, the first Sunrise Children’s Services’ “Be the One” Ambassador Award was presented to Macedonia Baptist Church and Bryan and Krista Grigg. Their willingness to answer the call to “Be the One” encouraged others to engage in caring for children, to be a safe family to care and comfort them, or to be a forever family to adopt them. God used those five “Be the One” families to provide 11 children with a forever family (adoption) with six more adoptions currently pending.

Thirty-one children in the past four to five years have found someone to love them, teach them, encourage them, and share Christ with them within the membership of Macedonia Baptist Church. A culture of foster and adoptive care lives on at Macedonia, and I am convinced that God desires to do the same in your church, and perhaps, in your life today! You could “Be theOne” to change a child’s life forever! You could be…

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Written by Bruce Treon, Director of Faith Based Initiatives, Sunrise Children’s Services

Jake Pelfrey