Missy Scores Big in Life, Thanks to Help from Sunrise

Missy* has been in foster care most of her life. She never knew her father, and her mother was just not physically and mentally able to provide care for her. She is a very loving young lady, but suffered from intellectual disabilities herself, probably operating on an eight-year-old level while physically approaching her 18th birthday.

And because of her inability to process things well, she does act out angrily at times. Missy lived for many years with a family who already had many children, and the foster parents were aging. The family had planned on adopting her, but over the years, finally decided that they were not able to do so; and so Missy came to Sunrise, feeling badly hurt and abandoned.

Missy moved in with a Sunrise foster family who welcomed her with open arms. They worked with the previous foster home, as well as Sunrise staff, to learn how to deal with Missy’s special needs, and recently finalized the adoption of Missy into their family.

Missy has worked with physical therapists, and now is able to kick a soccer ball, and has been accepted as a member of her school’s soccer team. She has worked with speech therapists to learn how to talk in more understandable ways.

Missy is very happy, feeling loved in her home and in her community. She has been able to overcome her past hurt and trauma, and is becoming the best she can be, with much credit given to Sunrise foster parents and team members who have patiently worked with her!

*Name changed to protect the identity of the individual.

Jake Pelfrey