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At the close of the Civil War, families in Kentucky were left devastated. As a border state with torn loyalties, Kentucky saw families split and broken by the conflict. Death, sickness and the poverty that followed left many children orphaned with no one to care for them.

Since our beginnings as a ministry, Sunrise continues to be fueled by faithful dedication to God's call for His people to be the hands and feet of Jesus in caring for innocent children. We have helped to transform thousands of lives over the years, and your continued support enables us to make a difference in lives today and for years to come. Thank you for being part of our proud history.

  • In 1869,

    a group of ladies at Walnut Street Baptist Church opened the Louisville Baptist Orphan's Home. For the next 78 years, the home provided shelter, food, education and care for children from across Kentucky. It was replaced by the Spring Meadows facility a few miles outside of the city, which offered room to serve even more children.

  • In 1915,

    Kentucky Baptists opened a large orphanage in Glendale, in southern Hardin County. In 1956, the Pine Crest Children's Home opened in Morehead. These facilities shared a mission of providing children with a loving, supportive environment.

  • In the 1980's

    Sunrise (then known as Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children) began adapting to the changing way children were being served across Kentucky. We offered more counseling services and opened up residential centers in Dixon and Morehead, and an emergency shelter in Elizabethtown.

  • In the 1990's

    a renewed emphasis on foster care began and even more facilities and services were being offered across the state.

  • Today,

    Sunrise is Kentucky's largest nonprofit provider of services for children in crisis. We serve children from all of Kentucky's 120 counties.