Severns Valley Baptist Church, located in Elizabethtown, will one day be a leader and model for other churches in its region in foster care promotion, support, and training . . . if Jason Hart has anything to do with it.

Jason is an active member, deacon, and director of the Upwards sports program at Severns Valley. He and his wife are also Sunrise foster parents; and Jason has a specific vision for his church concerning foster care. Already he has led his church to set up a room that would be available for foster parents to use for family visits, “where it’s more of a homey feel – couch, chair, T.V., games, and all that stuff – just to make them feel more like a family, instead of in a sterile environment,” stated Jason. But there are even bigger plans for the future. He continued, “The second part is to be able to host trainings and host new foster family certification classes, and everything that goes with that, and ultimately, be a regional host site, and be a leader for our region since we are so centrally located. “

Jason is encouraged by the support he has received from Severns Valley’s church council, along with the staff. Plus, there are several other families in the church who are currently fostering kids. The time just seems to be right. “My generation and the younger generation – they’re more interested in foster-to-adoption,” expressed Jason. “I think our generation’s heart, really, is to care for these kids.” And so Jason’s calling is to lead his church in doing everything it can to equip, support, and train foster families, “not giving any excuse on our end of why they can’t,” he added. “We don’t want to put up any barriers.”

And his specific goal is to work with Sunrise to help any size church carry on the mission of foster care. “Every church can do something, even the 20 person church,” Jason passionately shares. “Our goal is to equip them, through Sunrise, and show them that it is possible. We want to use our influence and resources to help.”

But for Jason, it begins with Severns Valley. “We want Severns to be a model for other churches to be able to say, ‘Hey, we can use what Severns has done,’” he explains. Jason adds, “But ultimately, I’d love to see a ridiculous number of families from our church foster and adopt. (I’d like for us) to educate and get everyone to understand that they might not be able to foster a kid or a group of kids, but they can do something.”

The heart for foster care ministry obviously beats strong in Jason Hart. Is it beating strong in you? Have you ever considered being a foster parent? If so, or if you simply want more information, please connect with Sunrise by calling 855.33.iCARE or visit us online at For specific information about Severns Valley’s foster care ministry, you can reach Jason Hart at

Jake Pelfrey