Spirit of volunteering moves teens to make blankets


Three teens were hard at work over the holidays making some special fleece blankets for Sunrise kids. Thirty blankets, which are being distributed to Sunrise foster children in the Lexington area, were the result of a creative service project by Michaela Dunson, Grace Hensley and Hannah Hodge.

The eighth-graders at Tates Creek Middle School first learned of Sunrise Children’s Services as volunteers for the Sunrise Block Party held in Lexington last October at Immanuel Baptist Church. Wanting to continue their work with Sunrise, they decided to raise the funds needed to hand make blankets for foster kids.

The girls raised nearly $800 for the project through many hours of fundraising at their school. By selling $1.00 “dress down passes,” the students there could dress casual for school days. Around $400 of the money raised was spent to purchase blanket materials, while the remainder is being donated directly to Sunrise.


Each blanket is made of a different patterned fleece and is approximately 2×1 yards in size.

If you are interested in creating a service project with your church, school or other small group to help the children at Sunrise, please contact Melissa Bailey on the Marketing & Advancement team at mbailey@sunrise.org or 502-538-1046.

Jake Pelfrey