Sunrise ‘Give 10’ Campaign Seeks Help Statewide For Kids In Crisis

Give Ten

Sunrise Children’s Services is putting the power of 10 to work on behalf of children in crisis throughout Kentucky. During June and July, prospective donors will be asked to give $10, or 10 percent when combined with others, to Sunrise, Kentucky’s oldest provider of services for abused and neglected children.

This year’s campaign kicks off today and will run through July. The objective is to reach 100,000 people through a combination of direct mail, radio, and social media. Donors who like, share and donate through Facebook will be entered to win a summer fun gift basket. All will be encouraged to ask 10 friends to give as well. Sunrise is also sharing with donors 10 ways their contributions will help provide for children in crisis, including musical instruments, summer outings/activities, and therapy hours.

“This is a fun way to engage with the community,” said Dale Suttles, president of Sunrise Children’s Services. “More importantly, it’s an innovative way to help us protect children from damaging, even life-threatening circumstances.”

This year’s campaign will reach into more of Kentucky’s large residential areas, from London to Paducah, including Louisville, Lexington, Elizabethtown, Madisonville and Bowling Green. Donors will have the option to give more than $10, and can elect to be ongoing givers.

Sunrise Children’s Services offers Kentucky’s hurting children and families a continuum of Christ-centered care, including therapeutic, residential and foster care programs for abused, abandoned, and victimized children throughout the state. Sunrise’s nonprofit ministry began in 1869 — today, it is a fully licensed behavioral health service organization helping change the lives of at-risk children throughout the Commonwealth. For more information or to learn how you can help a child in crisis, call 1.800.456.1386.


Written by Melissa Bailey, Sunrise Associate Director of Communications.

Jake Pelfrey