Sunrise Independent Living Comes to Danville!

Sara* entered the Sunrise Independent Living Program in Danville in June 2018 after being in a number of foster care and adoptive placements outside of Sunrise for numerous years.  This was significant to both Sara and Sunrise because she was our very first Sunrise Independent Living participant in Danville! 

Sara graduated from Boyle County High School this past spring and began taking online classes for a Criminal Justice Degree through Eastern Kentucky University this fall.  She is enrolled as a full time student this semester.  

In addition to being a full time student, Sara has held a job since January 2018 at a local restaurant where she works part time. She remains successful at balancing work and school life, while also learning to live in her first apartment on her own. 

She continues her therapy and works with Sunrise Family Services to address her mental health needs. She has participated in CPR/First Aid and a banking/budgeting class through Sunrise’s Independent Living Program.  

Sara continues to set and meet goals and recently helped the Sunrise Independent Living Program receive a positive review of her file and apartment from the Office of the Inspector General with no deficiencies. We were very proud to showcase all of Sara’s accomplishments as well as her apartment to the Office of the Inspector General. She is very proud of her first little one bedroom apartment; it is a new construction in Danville, and she has verbalized that she loves living there. 

Sara is very thankful for all that Sunrise has provided for her.  She is excited about her future, and it makes the Sunrise Family Services team in the Southern Bluegrass Region happy to see her challenged and excited!  

*Name changed to protect the identity of the individual.

Kait Flora