Will you help a hurting child escape despair and find a loving home?

This Thanksgiving, we need your financial help more than ever.

In Kentucky, the number of children living without a home or someone to care for them has reached an unprecedented level. Hundreds are abused or neglected every day. If one of these children asked you for help, how would you respond? Wouldn't you help them find a home where they feel safe, loved and at peace?

Your generous donation will help Sunrise Children's Services provide them with compassionate care and a safe place to live.

This is your opportunity financially to help us provide care for those who need it most.

At Sunrise, our mission is to rescue and help these innocent victims begin the process of healing. Each child in our care reflects a deeply wounded family in need of God's grace. We help these children and families find their way to health and happiness through counseling, therapy and prayers. This often takes time, but we have a long-term commitment to these children.

Each day, Sunrise helps more than 1,000 children in Kentucky find:

Safe haven, a refuge from harm

A warm bed, healthy food to eat

People who love kids for who they are

In James 1:27, we are enjoined " to look after orphans... in their distress." You and your congregation can fulfill this command by helping these " orphans of the living" feel the heartfelt joy of knowing they are loved.

Challenge your church members to help us financially care for homeless children and desperate families.

Will you challenge your church to help us care for kids who've known only anger, chaos and fear? Will you remind them that a child who finds a loving home has what every child should have? This Thanksgiving, let's join together to help these children find a home where they belong.

If you would like to order posters, bulletin inserts, pew envelopes, request a speaker, or find more information about our Thanksgiving Offering, please call 502-538-1065 or email info@sunrise.org.

In Christ,

Dale Suttles, President