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Sunrise Children’s Services would like to offer you an opportunity to help all children in Kentucky move from hopelessness, to hope, to a home. Will you give to our Thanksgiving Offering?

Want to know what you’d be giving to? Check out this video.


No doubt you are asked constantly to give to good, important charities. And you may be giving to your favorites already. I am asking you to extend your charity giving to children in Kentucky who need hope. We are already serving more kids than ever before, but the need is even greater. We are overwhelmed. We need your help. Last year, we received nearly $500,000. Through God’s help, and through your generous giving, we want to reach $750,000 to touch even more families with this year’s Thanksgiving Offering.

If you’ve watched the video and you’re still reading this, then I believe it’s your heart’s desire to bring hope to Kentucky’s children and families in crisis. Just click on “DONATE” and give either a onetime gift or commit to giving monthly. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for investing in the lives of kids and families in Kentucky by partnering with Sunrise Children’s Services. May God bless you this year and always.

With A Thankful Heart,

Dale Suttles
Sunrise President