Their Smiles Show It


Five siblings, consisting of three girls and two boys, were removed from a poverty-stricken home from a mom and dad who were both extremely addicted to drugs and could not provide care for any of their children. The oldest child, a girl, took on the role of parenting her younger siblings, scavenging for food anywhere and everywhere to fill their bellies.

They slept on the hard, dirty floors, with roaches and bed bugs and other insects all around them in the house. They witnessed domestic violence. They were the kids at school who were dirty and smelled, and no one wanted to be their friends.

When they moved into their Sunrise foster home, they brought with them their emotional baggage in the form of nightmares, uncontrolled behavior, and bed wetting. The Sunrise foster mother provided a clean, loving, structured home, and slowly the children improved. They went to school in nice clothes, and found that they were able to make lots of friends; so their self-confidence rose greatly.

The children are now happy, well spoken, and mature for their ages. The four youngest siblings have been adopted, and all five know that they are safe and loved; and their smiles show it!

Sunrise is committed to helping children in crisis shine. When we are able to do that, we bring smiles to kids’ faces again – to kids that may not have been able to smile for a long time. As you give to Sunrise, you help bring smiles back to children. Keep giving. Keep smiling. And keep shining.

Written by David Lyninger, Sunrise Children’s Services Associate Director of Communications

Kait Flora