Top Five Ways Church Youth Groups Can Help Our Kids

  1. Sponsor a Fundraiser: Fundraising can be fun, and your youth group can be the one to plan an enjoyable fundraising event for Sunrise! Organize a bowl-a-thon, run/walk event, car wash, yardwork project, or do something out of the ordinary! Your group can collect funds for a general donation or for specific items. Sunrise will gladly supply informational materials and promote your event on our social media pages.
  2. Adopt a Residential Program: Is your youth group looking for something hands-on to do? Youcan “adopt” one of our residential programs and work with that program throughout the year. Sunrise has five therapeutic residential treatment centers across the state. Some facilities may need structural improvements or touch ups. All programs would appreciate a bakery cake (homemade foods are not allowed) or a party each month for the kids who are celebrating birthdays. Or you could share pizza and games. Whatever your group decides to do, plan for a life-changing experience for your youth group!
  3. Sign up for Birthday Blessings: Your youth group can sign up for Birthday Blessings to send monthly birthday cards to our Sunrise kids in residential care, independent living, and foster care. This is a fun and easy way to remind our kids that they are being remembered and prayed for on their special day.
  4. Collect Miles of Pennies: Collecting pennies for Sunrise’s Penny Miles program isn’t just for children’s ministries! Your youth group can make a big difference in the lives of hurting children simply by collecting pocket change. How much is a mile of pennies? – 84,480 pennies or $844.80. Your youth can turn this fundraising program into a challenge among your youth group members, church Sunday School classes, or even other youth groups to see who raises a mile of pennies the fastest! The point is: Have fun, collect money, and know you are helping the children we serve receive hope and healing.
  5. Sponsor a Collection Drive for our Sunrise Kids: Your youth group can help our kids in big ways by providing needed items, including: school supplies, hygiene products, twin sheet sets, and even Christmas gifts!

Jake Pelfrey