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The Cumberland Adventure Program is located in Bronston, near Somerset, in Pulaski County. The Program provides a unique treatment experience for 56 boys ages 12 to 18. The campus includes five residential cabins. Each residential group has its own staff under the supervision of a resi­dential manager who provides clients with individual, group and family therapy. Clients attend an on-campus school under the direction of the Pulaski County School District.

Many of the youth have come from backgrounds of abuse and neglect and most have developed emotional and/or behavioral problems. The Cumberland Adventure Program works with adolescent boys who can benefit from learning the discipline and teamwork needed in making trips into Kentucky's wilderness areas.

This high-intensity, nine-month program helps teen-aged boys who have had troubled pasts find a new lease on life. While in care, the young people participate in service projects, learn to make appropriate life decisions and work with adults to plan for the future. The overall goal is to help the young men get control of their daily lives as they learn to translate wilderness survival skills into skills for daily living.

For clients who do not reunite with family, Sunrise's continuum of care allows staff to refer clients to settings appropriate to their needs, which may include Sunrise's Family Foster Care Program or other residen­tial programs.

In 2010 the CAP Program cared for 135 boys and provided 16,994 days of care.

We invite you to take a tour of our Cumberland Adventure Program.


Located on 100 acres near Lake Cumberland, the therapeutic outdoor adventure program helps clients experience a variety of adventure activities, including primitive camping trips, backpacking, hiking, flat water canoeing, initiative group games, an outdoor classroom, woodcraft­ing and the Alpine Tower/Multi Level Odyssey Course. The Alpine Tower and the Odyssey course provide a challenging high ropes course that is a major tool in helping youth increase self-esteem and group cohesion.


With a full-service campus small groups of boys and counselors embark on hiking, camping, and canoeing trips. As the young men learn to survive in Kentucky's wilderness areas with coping skills learned during individual and group therapy, they learn teamwork, build self-esteem, and develop a respect for other people and the world.

The program provides treatment for oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD and bipolar disorder among other issues, through therapeutic outdoor adventure experiences connected with clinical intervention for more than 50 level 4 and 5 boys with IQs of 65 or higher.


500 New Start Road
P.O. Box 498
Bronston, Kentucky 42518
(606) 561-5797
(888) 584-5922
FAX (502) 538-1159
*After hours placements please contact the program directly



Taking in the Views
A short trip from CAP is Lake Cumberland with over 1,200 miles of shoreline. The lake was created with the construction of the Wolf Creek Dam and the boys from CAP got a chance to visit the area on a recent trip.

Just south of CAP is scenic McCreary County and the Big South Fork Recreational Area. There you will find Yahoo Falls, the tallest waterfall in Kentucky. Boys from the Timberwolves Cabin enjoyed a trip there and they found the cool waters to be refreshing on a hot summer day.

Motorcycles Roll In
Over 100 motorcycles made a loud entry onto the CAP campus as part of the "Ride & Shine" Bike Rally for Sunrise. The boys had a great time getting a close look at the bikes and even a few Corvettes that made the stop.

Outdoor Adventures
The boys from CAP spent a lot of time outdoors in the month of April. Included was a visit to scenic Cumberland Falls, the largest falls in the southern United States. A trip to the Red River Gorge was also on the agenda in April. While there, the boys got to drive through the Nada Tunnel, a narrow, hand-carved old railroad tunnel through the side of a mountain.

A close-up look at some of God's most impressive creatures were made possible by a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.

CAP encourages boys to be good stewards of the outdoors that offer so much enjoyment. They spent a recent day helping clean the roadside of trash.