Bring hope to a child in crisis.

To learn more about any of our programs or inquire about referring a child, contact the Sunrise Central Intake department at 502-538-1059.

Sunrise residential services can serve youth in the custody of DCBS or DJJ. Youth must be between the ages of 12 and 18.

Sunrise Therapeutic Foster Care can serve youth in the custody of DCBS or DJJ. Youth of all ages and levels of intellectual functioning may be considered for placement.

Sunrise PRTF services in Danville can serve 27 boys ages 6-18 that are Medicaid eligible. Begin the PTRF referral process by filling out our initial, first step online referral form. Please note that other documentation will be required for a full referral. A Sunrise intake agent will contact you within 48 hours of completing the online form.

During normal business hours - The CRP Regional Placement Coordinator should fax referral packets to Sunrise Central Intake at 502-538-1159. The following documents are requested at the time of the referral is initiated:

  • DPP-886 "Private Child Care Client Inter-Agency Referral Form"
  • DPP-886-A "Application for Referrals to Private Child Care"
  • DPP-1251A "Placement History"
  • Medical History (may be included on DPP 886A)
  • IQ (Full Performance and Verbal)

After hours Emergency referrals:

  • Foster Care - call the emergency after hours number on the appropriate region's page
  • Independent Living - call the after hours answering service at 877-792-1133
  • Residential - call the appropriate program directly
  • For after-hours emergency referrals, the following documents are requested at the time of placement:
    • A written summary outlining the reason for placement and detailed information about the child's behaviors, risk factors, medical and behavioral needs.
    • DPP-114 "Schedule of Payment" & "Medical Consent Form"
    • Within 48 business hours, the requested documents for a non-emergency referral are required.

To refer a DJJ youth - All DJJ youth must be referred by DJJ Classification in Frankfort to Sunrise's Central Intake Department.

All admission decisions are made individually with consideration given to the best interest of the client, the least restrictive placement or type of care and the client's capacity to benefit from the service. Admission to programs is based on specific guidelines outlined by the program and is based on the program's capacity to help the client.