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  • "We give them love, good food and a safe place to live. This is a place where they are going to get a hug."

    Ron and Jill Nehila

  • "She still encourages me to be the best I can be and she tells me how proud she is of me. She has become more than just my foster mother. She is my mom, my grandmother and my friend."

    Asyia (former Sunrise foster child)

  • "My foster parents have been great because they've been there for me. They've helped me get through everything and have helped me decide I wanted to go to college."

    Jessie (former Sunrise foster child)

What you need to know about Sunrise!

Sunrise offers the widest array of services to abused, abandoned or neglected children. Currently more than 9,000 children are in state custody in Kentucky. Sunrise cares for 1 in 9 of these children, or about 1,000 kids every day.

Sunrise holds the highest levels of accreditation from The Joint Commission, the Better Business Bureau and other professional organizations. We enjoy a long-standing partnership with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and generations of individual donors.

Sunrise Children's Services offers the widest array of services to abused, abandoned or neglected children. Sunrise is comprised of 370 employees, 12 Foster Care offices, 6 residential treatment centers throughout Kentucky. Sunrise’s Foster Care families reside in all 120 counties of the Commonwealth.

We have a commitment to produce and maintain strong, quality therapeutic foster homes. Through the professional training and ongoing support provided by our entire staff, our mission is to help families like yours grow to be confident and competent foster parents for the children and youth that we serve.

As a Family Foster Care Program Family, you become an important team member working to give care, guidance and a safe environment to a child temporarily placed in your home.

Sunrise Children's Services is also an important part of the team. We provide you with training and support in your job of caring for the child. We will provide or coordinate counseling and other services when the child has special needs.

The children in the program almost always have been unwillingly separated from their own families. As a result of that separation and the reasons that caused it, the children often have emotional/behavioral problems the Family Foster Care program team works to resolve. Children's needs are carefully matched with your family's abilities. We work closely with you to determine the right child for your household.

Since 1869, Sunrise has been continuously affiliated with Kentucky Baptist Churches. Sunrise was formerly known as Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children. The Kentucky Baptist Convention is waging two initiatives to support Sunrise including adopting foster care families in each of the 2,400 Baptist churches. The entire organization is excited about Sunrise’s ministry to kids and its mission in Kentucky.

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Back To School

Sunrise kids are heading back to school and need school supplies. Help us get this school year off to a great start by providing much needed school supplies for over 650 kids. Items needed include, backpacks, poster board, glue, index cards, pencils, pens, crayons, rulers and paper.

Goal 650 School Supplies Supplies Added
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Prestonsburg Golf

By participating in the Golf Challenge, you are helping give a brighter future to children who desperately need to know that someone cares. Sunrise continues to grow and change with the needs of Kentucky’s kids. Save lives by partnering with Sunrise to provide the best care possible as these young victims heal.

Goal 35 Teams 4 Teams Registered
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Give Ten 2016

We’re asking 100,000 people to urgently help through a $10 donation. Reach out to 10 friends today and ask them to join you in giving to Kentucky’s neediest children.

Goal $1,000,000 Raised $9,004

Open your heart to Sunrise and help a child in need!