A Focused Continuum of Care.

Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program is part of the Sunrise continuum of care that helps provide successful transition into adulthood for young people ages 18 to 21 who have aged out of the foster care system. Once these young adults commit with the Commonwealth of Kentucky for placement with Sunrise’s Community Based Services, they will receive the tools they need to build their own future.

Sunrise recognizes that while legally an adult at age 18, the transition to independence is a gradual one that at times requires support and learning of new skill sets to enhance the ability to live independently. We have designed a program for teens in this phase of life that do not have the necessary supports needed to be successful.

Clients must have reached their 18th birthday in order to be admitted to the IL program and may remain in the program until their 21st birthday. Both genders are accepted. Admittance will be based on the client’s most recent behavioral issues as well as his or her desire to continue educational and workforce skills. We normally do not consider the client’s current location as a determining factor. Sunrise will be paid a level 3 rate throughout the entire time clients are in the

We currently have apartments in Maysville, Morehead, Vanceburg, Danville, Lexington, Richmond, Bowling Green, Paducah, Murray, and Owensboro. All apartments are within walking range of 1 to 1.5 miles from the college campuses as well as centrally located in areas where employment opportunities exist within walking distances. In both communities, most of the apartments are located within the same complex which makes it very easy for Independent Living clients to commute together or to be supports for each other.

Clients who are referred to IL do not have to be employed or enrolled in school; however those are expectations and goals that each client will work toward once they enter the program. The Independent Living Specialist will determine readiness and skill level and develop an individual course of action along with
the client, SSW and other support people that the client may have. Clients who are actively homicidal, suicidal or present with psychotic features will not be considered for Independent Living.  All others will be considered on a case by case basis in accordance with recent behavioral issues.

Parenting teens are welcome. We currently have two parenting teens in the program. Daycare is not provided but we do assist clients applying for funding for daycare. The agency is NOT paid a per diem for children of Independent Living clients.

  • The agency provides the following funding for IL clients:
  1. Payment of rent and utilities in a Sunrise leased apartment
  2. $100.00 monthly stipend that includes: $40.00 for clothing
  3. $30.00 for cell phone, $20.00 personal allowance and
  4. $10.00 for personal supplies/incidentals
  5. $100.00 monthly Wal-Mart gift card to offset food and household expenses
  • The IL specialist will ensure that new clients have appropriate apartment furnishings which include: living room furniture and bedding, kitchen supplies, personal and cleaning supplies as well an adequate supply of food.
  • Weekly face to face visits from the IL Specialist which may include transportation for needed grocery trips, appointments, etc.
  • Monthly bus route tokens.
  • Assessment to determine Independent Living readiness and skills level and weekly education to include topics such as: money management, job search skills, educational planning, community resources, emergency and safety skills, health and nutrition, stress management as well as problem solving and decision making skills and support.
  • Clients have the option to be paired with a current foster parent mentor as a resource person.
  • Assistance with filling out financial aid and FASFA forms.
  • Mental Health Therapy services are available through a licensed and credentialed Sunrise therapist upon client request.
  • Clients who successfully complete the program may have the option of transferring current apartment lease and utilities in their name upon their 21st birthday as well as taking possession of the apartment furnishings.

Referrals should be made through our Centralized Intake Department. If apartment space is available and clients meet eligible criteria SSW should contact the IL Specialist to determine an admit date. Normally clients can be admitted within two weeks after being accepted in the program.