He is the Light. We are the light.

Do you have a heart for volunteering? Sunrise Children's Services has opportunities throughout the year for you to help with projects and events at many of the ministry's statewide locations. A background check may be required.

Dedicated volunteers work year-round to promote and pray for Sunrise Children’s Services. Teams of people are coming together to serve in the specific areas of prayer, church ambassadors, community ambassadors, group volunteers, site volunteers, special activities, one on one volunteers, appreciation team, foster care respite services and at general services at Ministry Support Services. Opportunities are available to use your gifts in these areas.

Why volunteer?

Our mission at Sunrise is to provide services to children and families in need. Volunteers provide an array of services to help meet this mission and the volunteer opportunities are numerous. Volunteers can be individuals or groups that wish to donate their time. All volunteers are integral in helping Sunrise to meet the needs of children in crisis.

It’s simple, really: Love Changes Lives.

What types of volunteers are there?

Group Volunteers

Group Volunteers are members of clubs, teams, schools, church groups, etc. that work together by connecting with our kids in a group setting. Some examples of Group Volunteer activities are:

  • Sponsoring or providing support for campus events, such as a birthdays of the month party and game and pizza parties.
  • Helping beautify the campuses through grounds work like weeding, planting and trimming
  • Assisting with large group activities for the children’s off-site activities like a football game

On Location Volunteers

Campus Volunteers are individuals who provide invaluable service and support to Sunrise by donating their time and talents. Some examples of Campus Volunteer activities are:

  • Providing clerical or computer support
  • Offering tutoring sessions
  • Teaching independent living and vocational skills

Respite Care for Foster Families

Enable a parents to go out to dinner or even away for a weekend caring for the children so they may have a much needed break. Respite care does require additional background checks and training.

One-on-One Volunteers

One-on-One Volunteers work directly with children, mentoring and modeling. Some examples of One-on-One Volunteer activities are:

  • Mentoring children
  • Driving children to appointments and after-school activities
  • Becoming a visiting sponsor who spends time with an individual child

For information on how to become involved with the Sunrise Wellness Program, please contact Penny Beighey at (502) 538-1000.

How do you apply to become a volunteer?

Contact the campus location nearest you to discuss what types of things you might be interested in helping with. If you decide that you are able to volunteer please email Melissa Bailey. We ask for a lot of information on our volunteers in order to ensure the proper care and safety of all of our children.